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What’s Your VR Porn Preference? Google or Samsung?

The newest thing in the adult entertainment industry is virtual reality technology. Using a virtual reality headset, users can enjoy an incredibly immersive sexual experience. Users can explore their sexuality as well as their wildest fantasies without any real life risks such as humiliation or possible sexually transmitted diseases that come with casual sex.

This technology has not been around long but is already making a large impact on the way people view pornography and many companies are taking advantage of that to release their own virtual reality headsets and applications. One online porn website collected data to see which headset is the most popular amongst its subscribers and their answer was Samsung.

There are many different virtual reality headset released by different companies and they all compete to be the best one and to be used by more people than the others. It has been shown, by an online pornography website that features virtual reality, in statistics that people prefer to use Samsung’s virtual reality headset more than they do HTC’s Vive headset and the Oculus Rift headset put together.

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive put together equal only 25 percent of page views. PlayStation’s VR headset made up only 9 percent of the sites data and then bringing up the back is Google’s Daydream headset with a measly 3 percent, according to BadoinkVR.

Some of the user data that was collected from another survey done by an online adult entertainment site called BadoinkVR shows that it’s visitors prefer using Samsung’s virtual reality headset over using Google’s virtual reality headset. More people are using Samsung to watch their pornographic content.

The adult entertainment company, BadoinkVR, recently did a promotion where they gave away a free virtual reality headset to each new signup in order to promote their online adult videos that are featured for virtual reality viewing on their website. They are still giving Google Cardboard virtual reality headsets away to all new member signups even though their collected data has proven that more of their viewers are using the Samsung headsets instead of the Google ones.

Variety filed a report that states that Badoink has actually seen a 40 percent increase in their virtual reality traffic on their website just from the Samsung Gear VR headset alone. This is nearly double the amount of Google Cardboard which is 23 percent. This bump in usage of Samsung’s could be because Samsung gave away free virtual reality headsets with a purchase of one of their phones.

BadoinkVR believes that is not the case however. They have stated that they keep track of who is downloading what by offering each device a different file version for their paying subscribers. Data from a single source may not be enough to accurately analyze the consumption of virtual reality but it does bring about some interesting facts for Google. It is clear that Google’s virtual reality headsets still have a ways to go before they can fully compete with all of the other virtual reality headsets.


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